Get your tax payments correct

Where do I find my tax reference? How do I pay my tax bill?

Today we have been sending out our quarterly newsletter to our clients and contacts. We use our newsletter to keep in touch and communicate important topics through the year.

One of the items we have highlighted this quarter is the importance of making sure that when you pay HMRC the correct reference is used. This may sound simple, but it is so easy to pay money to the wrong tax account.

Quite often we will see that payments are made using an old reference and when this happens it can take time to track down that payment and have it allocated to the correct place.

Make sure your tax payment does not get lost and so just take a moment to check the reference you are using before you make your next payment. If you are unsure of what reference to use then check with us so that we can get you back on track.

Here is a summary of the main ways that you can pay HMRC

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